January thougths

  These days, I don’t get to do much surfing. Mostly because “they” turn the lights off before I get home. It is a weird life, this dark life. I think you have to love the place you live very deeply, in order to get through winter times here. You also have to get the most of it during your weekend time. Cause that is when you get to see the landscape where you live.
But! It’s a funny thing, darkness. The sun peeks out every circa 3 days, and you kinda just explode of happiness and hope. The sun rays makes you burst inside. It is a classic “you only truly appreciate what you love, when you’ve lost it”-mechanism. But to get the chance of appreciating light, sun, life like that on a fairly regular basis is actually very fulfilling. It makes that boring annoying run transform into a wonderful joyful Chance! Something that is motivating in it self…
For the rest of the times, you’ll have to use a head lamp. Which in it self is also a wonderful experience. In my tiny village, we don’t really have that many street lamps/lamp posts (?). Not even enough to make a “round” trail, so head lamps is of essence here. The forrest and trails become very intimate when you’re running with a head lamp. Animals don’t get scared, the really just sand there and watch you as you run pass them. Amazing feeling
    On my way toand from work I pass this amazing spot “Vejlerne”, where the water is on both sides of the road. Amazing bird wildlife on one side and the fjord on the other side. This place i magical. And I’m always facing the sun, as I drive east to work, and west from work. I still have a 30 min drive home from here, so It’ll be dark when I arrive home.
A view from a bird watching tower on my last running.

Also about the running.. I am not a runner. I am also not a surfer. I am just running and surfing from time to time. Some times I also do yoga, swim, train in the gym and play tennis. I am not defined by my sports anymore, I struggle to find time to do more, and I am lazy as hell -so in many ways, I am just a pretty normal woman coping with health in post-modern times.

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