So today I’m going to share two photos, that makes me so fucking proud! No hiding behind humor, no “Well it was just”… No! This is just me looking like I am living a dream of a life.
(At least when I’m on vacation with awesome visual savvy people) like this Art and Longboard retreat I did in Morocco in November…

So Wow! Finding my self frothy and with an awesome hair-do in somebodys story (Surfsista Kate, who is about the most awesome and professional Camp maker I’ve ever encounted!!! Go travel with this Pro!!!)!
But look!!! Me! On a surfboard, not looking like a complete kook! Yay!


Next brag: Vogue, take fashion notes!!!

Look at me posing with my hand on my hip like a vacation dream of the late 60’ies/early 70’ies… can’t believe How stylish I look.
Normally I am the showet-every-other-Day-throwing-on-random-cloths-surely-forgetting-mascara!!! Here I am all of these thing, but still looking like I should sell travelmagazines. Yay!

#feelinhproud (and surprised).

Cheers y’all

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