Sun downer in the afternoon

I have never surfed in air temp below zero… Undtill today. Wow! It was so cold, i almost couln’t breath as I walked from the-former-car-park-now-ice-rink to Bunkers. All alone padling out, that was scary too. But luckily Mia soon joined me in what must have been the most amazing sun down show in a looong while. As Mia padled out the sun disappeared under the horizon, but the sky was lit up for another 30-40 minutes, and it was a spectaculae rainbow colored show!

It is a funny thing, mind and sport. I remember from my volleyball days, that you play badly, when you are trying to hard. You’ve got to let your body act and react to what ever the game brings, and then you can excell to perfection. Today was not such a day. I started by breaking Peters board, then racing to the beach and paddling out alone, scared and freezing. Off course I couldn’t surf. In the end, I accepted my inner frustration, and then I catched the last 3 waves of the evening (well afternoon, sun went down at 16:25…)….

An now we can see a blurry milky halo on the black northern sky -a form of northern ligth! I love this place!

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