After summer must come winter

So many surfs I didn’t report here. So many things, I wanted to write about, but well, life just consumed my time I guess.

But Yesterday i had the first perfect wintersurf day. Firstly to get in the water, it takes a full day off, cause it is not doable if I also have to go to work (the days are really short now). So a saturday, with my friend and with swell and Freaking NO WIND was the perfect setup. No Wind is also something that almost never happends here..

Road trip, bonfire on the beach, trangia cooking, two dogs, one log and a retro and cake, turned in to perfection!!!

All my hair was tangled up in to one Big dread lock. It took Peter almost two hours to get it out. Any of you have tips to avoid that when surfing with hoodie, please let me know!!!

Looked like Monica before she got her cornrows// Diana Ross…

3 thoughts on “After summer must come winter

    • Aaaah that is so clever @Craftysurf. I will not work in my specifik case, that water is simply waaay to cold to only wear a beanie, and I to have icy water running in to my wetsuit form the head would also be scary I think. But from April this would be an excellent solution, so I will definitely do something like this, then. Thank you!

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