Indo 1 -Bali

I never thought I’d go to Indo. Indo is the land of shallow reefs, fast tubes and burning sun. So not really my kind of thing. But sometimes life gives you an opportunity and then it’s just to follow. That’s how I ended up spending 3 weeks in Indo…


Bali is Hindu, lively, lovely and crowded!!! I started out in Ubud, a nice place, with lots of greenery, shops, cafes, temples, tourists, restaurants, yoga and spas -lots of spa!!! We stayed at a beautiful place called AIRUbud, with an artists space and lovely rooms. Perfect really. But after 3 days of spa-ing, eating (Best coconut ice cream ever btw. if you go be sure to taste Tukies Coconut Shop  it is really beyond!) it all felt kinda boring. There is only so much time I can look at the same boutique-style shops and have massages. I needed to get wet and surf! Everybody Said Changgu, so I felt like not going there, and instead convinced my travel buddy to take a taxi out west towards a certain, bespoke longboard point called Medewi.

Medewi is a small village in the Muslim part of Bali, and the point is a fairly long left hand point over smaller round rocks. It was chill, friendly and uncrowded -since the season hadn’t yet begun. So uncrowded in fact, that the morning these pictures were taken, we were the only ones out. It always rewards getting up early! It also meant that I now have 200 pictures of me surfing, cause the photographer was only focusing on me. So awesome!!

Those waves were among the best during the whole trip. So much fun. Gotta love a point

We stayed at Hady’s Surfcamp. It was nice, clean and we could borrow his scooter for free. We were the only ones there, and Hady provided us with really great service. He insisted on helping us driving our boards to the peak, showed us where to paddle out, told everybody to stop bothering us, when we were on land watching the waves -he even bought me breakfast and coffee one Morning when we surfed at sunrise (after his morning pray). There are other nice places to stay, for sure, but I’m not sure you would get that service everywhere. And it meant a lot since it was my first Indonesian wave of my life.

Hadys wife had just given birth to a baby daughter (20 days prior to our stay), and she was proudly and very happy showing her to us. So I gave Hady a tip “to Aïshas first surfboard” -time will tell if there will be indo-muslim girls in the water.

Medewi would be the place I would revisit, if I ever go to Bali again.

3 thoughts on “Indo 1 -Bali

    • Thank you!!! I didn’t even know that I could surf such amazing waves!!! And Big! I am a tall girl (6’1) and some if the waves i couldn’t even look over. Crayzy Hahahaha. Go to Medewi, I highly recommend it -eventhough Florida looks pretty Nice too

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