4 perfect days

So the last 4 days have been sooo good. I have surfed since thursday, and I feel like I should also sign up for the lottery, cause I am that lucky. Firstly, since I live where the surf is super inconsistent, for there to be waves and on a weekend is just.. wow!

I picked up a brush last sunday -for the first time since I was a kid. And I love it. So the above picture is of me on Saturday in Voupør with a new fin, that I bought in Taiwan.  See picture below. I think it suits my purple longboard and my purple 3/2 summersuit…

Friday was shortboard time, for the first almost first time in danish waters. And I got an amazing big and long windwave. Had to catch it with quite the crowd -both surfers and windsurfers. And I fucking did. So so so so proud and stoked. God I love my ladies and how they push me to surf better!

Thursday was a beautiful day with my awesome Sundaycrew. First we catched up, eating pancakes, turned out, that one of the ladies just landed a dreamjob, so we had to celebrate -with bubbles. And with a suitable location. So we took the bottle, 4 glasses and drove to the national park. Hiked and toasted while watching i big herd of Red Deers passing in the lowland below us. Amazing sea view and crew. So thankful.

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