Answer: How to get my surf stoke back?

Go surf! The answer is pretty simple actually. The more I surf, the more I want it! 

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about my winter fatigue of surf and surf lifestyle (What ever that is?!!). And I was so fed up with always feeling behind in my own life. Turns out vacation is the answer to all my frustrations. A warm summer place, with warm waters and NOT too many crowds, is my recharger. Since surfing in the pacific last week (OMG!!! Just wanna say that out loud again: “last week, while surfing pacific swell….”) I have totally had my surf stoke. I have already surfed twice this week at home. Should/could have been more, but Well, 6mm wetsuits and windwaves just doesn’t trick me…. 

Yesterday evening was soooo good though! Only girls out, I love surfing with Yvon and Louise, I had some really good ones. Louise commented that my pop-up had become waaaay better -Yay! I even kinda promised Yvon, that I would join in as “heat fillings” for a surf comp next weekend. Well let’s see about that!

Some  pics from our vacation… post about that will probably happen later…

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