The true winter tale

Moving to Thy was an atempt to “live the dream” in Denmark. An unclear, fussy but very bright shining dream. Something where my skills would improve and my happyness would be on a constant party high! But the reality is very different. Winters here are long and so dark. I drive to work in the Dark, and I return in the Dark. And even though i do have Work-from-Holme days I still don’t feel like I could just take a siesta and go surfing. Also I would nevet go alone in the winter times. The waves are so heavy during winter. Even small waves are heavy. Well it is off course just physics: the colder the temperature the closer the molecules pack. Ice on one end of the spectre and damp in the other end… so anyways it is just very different to surf in winter. 

So really winter is a lot of slowly loosing my surf stoke, dreading the darkness and crying that my life doesn’t feel like “the dream”. And all at the same time, people comment, that they rarely see me (cause I am away during daytime). And all at the same time I get news that every body else is surfing sweet winter swell… sight!

So now spring is here, and I need to find my surf stoke again. I will keep you posted if I find it. 

Do you ever loose your surf stoke? How did you find it? Am I the only one with winter blues?

-the two pictures are taken on the same beach walk sunday…

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