A week in Kernow

Hi there,

Went to Cornwall on a surf trip last week. didn’t surf much because of a flat spell but I did get a sun tan and a whole lot of great laughts! Brilliant. Stayed on Newquay with a view to Towan Beach and I cross stepped on a foamie at Watergate. I saw Blue Juice in an outdoor screening by Finisterre and ate tacos, saw tin mines, walked the hill and got my but (abs) kicked by a 70-year old lady at a Core Class. So I’d say I did alright.

It is the second time I visit these amazing shores. (last time I wrote a piece about it, that you can read here). I I am full of love for the raw beauty of Cornwall. Stone cottages, ruff coast lines, small sleeping villages that only wakes up during summertime. Endless green hedges along tiny winding roads, rolling hills and rolling waves, steep cliffs and dogs all over! What is not to love? Cornwall is one of these places, I could see my self living at. the water seems just that little bit warmer than Denmark, the water off course, and a swell, that seems to live there, not just visit as a guest. And it is facing west. I prefer west facing coasts…

Thank you for the trip❤️
-sorry for the non-edited photos…

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