Female Athletes Are Judged More On Their Looks Than Their Talent…

Are female athletes really objectified in the world of action sports?

This title and the subtitle is the start to an ever interesting article, that everyone (both sexes included) really should read. It is sadly an ever ongoing topic. (Blogpost title and photo is from that article)

Yesterday Danish Radio had a series of broadcast on the female media topic. Our first female prime minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, had her last day in danish politics, so it seemed relevant to pose the question of the female objection in media. We’ve never really talked that much about her being a woman here in Denmark, cause it didn’t ever seem like a relevant thing to discuss. I believe the general mind set in Denmark, would not even think that, that the fact that she is a woman could be something to raise an eyebrow over. That is very fortunate! I am very grateful to live in a country that is probably in top 3 of gender-equality in that sense, but that still doesn’t set us free from the chains that follows the image of an ideal woman. If we talk about women, we can’t avoid talking about the importance of looks. Our prime minister, Helle, got world wide famous, for taking a selfie with Obama at Mandalas funeral ceremony. On social media both men and especially woman were going crazy: “who is this blond woman, taking selfies with Obama?”were one of the many comments -and also many more, about what blond tramp, that might be, also comments about poor Michelle, who had to put up, with a blond, white woman coming on to Barack and so on… Now the first  question is somewhat legit! I mean, I do not expect any non-danish person to know who that woman is ( -Denmark is a very small country, and we don’t have that much Geo-political power, so I don’t blame people for not knowing about us), but when that image of the selfie went around the world, people where weighing the looks of that blond woman. .. She couldn’t just be a woman. She had to be put in to a category of “blond”. So what’s wrong with that, some might think?! The woman is blond… Well! To me is raises an issue, because it forces us to have to relate to that fact. Why is it really important to mention the looks of a woman -it wan not like there was a lot of other women talking selfies with Obama in that particular photo….
I am a blond girl and I wish I wasn’t. I am also a very tall girl -I dread that even more, cause I am not your typical “tall & blond”. I am brains, sport, wit, humor, sarcasm and irony. I am sharp, fierce, little, vulnerable, insecure, hungry, angry, caged and free. All at once. I am human! I am not just tall&blond. I could never fit in to the stereotype! I could never, be that, because I speak my mind, and my brain is bigger than my body. That notion of Helle being blond, reduces her to “blond”. Her appearance, became more important that the fact, that she was actually in charge of a whole country. The same goes for the surf related article I linked to! Appearance wins over skills. Now that is the true cage, that women are being kept in! That Paige Hareb would have to raise money her self, to be able to compete on the world tour -just because she didn’t fit, or didn’t wanted to fit a marketing bureaus ideas. Disturbing! Locked in a cage, where if you surf as a woman, you better do it graceful! You better keep a smile on your pretty face all the time! If you are unlucky enough to be in the eye of the public, you cannot even not wear a bra, when you go grocery shopping! It is only women who could invent a thing called “apartment pants”. No woman are a aloud to leave the apartment in something that is not sexy or flattering… Why do women have to be flattering? Why can’t everybody not just get over the whole body-thing, and start exchanging ideas and knowledge instead? Well that was my Sunday morning rage… aaaaah (exhale).
No make up, no flattering outfit was worn while writing this.

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