The best day in a long while! 

1) Finally made a tidious decision about tiles!! Tiles… Omg! How grown up?! Well sauna project will be in the making soon. Love you house.

2) Sauna project is way overdue, cause god daymn i am freezing in the surf these days. Need new boots for sure! 8mm if it’s possible. As I walked back in today over the small reef, I almost couldn’t keep my balance, cause I couldn’t feel anything below my ancles. Love you freezing ocean.

3) Surf was amazing today! I am not at all popin up, I am crawling up. But the waves were forgiving and still let me surf for looong rides! I even carved a little. I even trimmed a little. Not crossstepping, but stil walking back and forth. Love you Longboard.

4) My Peter was with me. We were alone in the ocean. The waves huged us! They didn’t at all slap us in the face, like yesterday. I was flying on several occations. Love you Peter!

5) I treated my self to an Ocean Folk Bikini finally!!! Oooh Allies creations will be mine. I am sooo happy, exstatic, psyked! A cold water mermaid dreaming of warmth! Love you Allie.


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