Oyster feast

Some time ago, a month or so, we went on a oyster safari. We picked so many, that we couldn’t eat them all. It took us 2 hours of constant opening -two persons! They are an invasive species, so it is actually good to pick them. Also they were huge! Some of them must have been at least 50 years old. I don’t think many people pick or even eat oysters in Denmark, which is such a shame I think. Nutrition vise they are bombs! They hold so much good stuff in them, and since they are a live up on til preparation, they are so fresh!  But I guess oysters have a bad reputation and also a posh reputation.

But you don’t have to eat them raw right out of the shell, we prepared them in 5 different ways

  1. raw with lemon
  2. deep fried in dark beer tempura served on a kale salad
  3. pasta con frutti di mare (along with different types of clams that we also picked)
  4. a hot parsley and oyster soup
  5. owen grilled with parmesan. Oh my gosh it was a feast.

On my instagram account (lachrispack) you can find food pictures…

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