Tiny waves, long boards and big feelings

“Tiny waves, long boards and big feelings” is what I see, when I look at this photo.

Sunday//Funday could have been another caption, cause what is tiny waves but fun? Yesterday the swell was clean and just about surfable. Most people where out on their SUPs, but we took the long boards to Fiskelmelsfabrikken, and had tiny waves all alone. Just Peter and me. He finally stood up on the board, and we learned that such tiny waves is all about trimming. Too far up on the board, and the nose would go under, too far in the back of the board, and we would not be able to catch the waves. As we stood on the waves, same thing, far up on the board in order to actually surf, nose riding NOT an options, and regular pop-up stand would make us slide backwards out of the wave. Huh! You live, and you learn…. And to wrap up the blog post title:  There was some  frustration and maybe also some screaming from my side, until I figured it all out…

Those days....

Those days….

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